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About Us

Each of us has many commitments - to work, to manage the home, to the family, etc. Between work and household management we find ourselves rejecting many tasks even if they are urgent, due to lack of time or knowledge.
We set up FIRST to meet this need. Let us save you time and hassle so that you will be free to deal with the important things in life.

FIRST provides a Personal Assistant service for ANY purpose. You can send us any task or daily arrangement and be sure they will be done quickly and professionally.

Every personal service relies first and foremost on the team of people, and FIRST can boast an excellent team. Our representatives are focused and kind, with administrative knowledge in dealing with institutions and organizations.
We have accumulated a lot of experience enabling us to provide a professional and reliable Personal Assistant for all the tasks that you do not have the time for, or the tools to deal with, all in a simple, pleasant and courteous manner.

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