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How it Works

Easy, Simple, Convenient


Go on with your daily life and get a notification from us when
 its Done


We hit the road and do the
task from start
to finish


Pass the details of the task to us, in what ever way suits you best

 We find a solution
for everything

Reliability & professionalism

Full guarantee & 

 Saves you all
the trouble

Saves you
precious time

Full responsibility

We take full responsibility from start to finish and will not stop working on a task until you are satisfied (we serve as your representatives, have we already mentioned this?)

In addition, we want to work only with satisfied customers. So if you did not love the service, you don't pay until we get it up to your standards. Simple and easy

We are you

You can pass on any task or task you have (as long as it is legal)

in any way that is convenient for you:

SMS | WhatsApp | Phone representative | Email | Facebook

We serve as your representatives, your interest is paramount to us
So we'll take care of the task from beginning-to-end so you
don't have to worry about it at all

Taking care of everything

You don't have to pay the store or the professional anymore, and of course you don't need to meet or talk to them.
We take care of everything (have we mentioned that already?) - We do all the inquiries, get you the price and quality that is most worthwhile for you and in accordance with the task's need, pay and arrange for delivery at the right time and place

Proven experience

We have a lot of experience so that we can find a solution to everything (you're welcome to put us to the test)

We work with service providers and professionals who have passed our approval, So you get a proven, quality, professional and
reliable service

Full availability

We are also available by email and on Whatsapp, so if you remember the task in the wee hours of the night and do not want to wait for the morning to ask for it, simply send it to us at any hour and take the task off your mind

Pay by time

We charge for the time it took us to take care of the task (in minutes).

You will receive an account breakdown for all the hours we have done for you Plus details for the expenses we paid for you.

For Example:

If you wanted to buy a new smart TV for the living room. We will conduct a market survey, find the relevant model, confirm the price, pay the store for the TV and send it to your home (and bring an installer if you want to mount it to the wall)

At the end of the process we will charge you an hour and a half for the time we invested on the task and an additional amount for the cost of the product.

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