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Our Advantages

מקצועיות של שירות עוזר אישית
Professionalism in a good price

Leave us to handle tasks start-to-finish. We have extensive knowledge and administrative experience. We work with proven professionals in the market, so you are assured professional, quality, fast and affordable service.


זמינות של שירות עוזר אישי
Face to face personal assistant service, reliable and available at all times

FIRST's personal assistant service is unique. We are located in Savyon, so that at any time we are available to reach your home and perform the task efficiently, quickly and transparently - that way you can continue to deal with the important things in life.

ניסיון מוכח של עוזר אישי
Proven Experience

We have rich experience and many customers, to whom we provide a personal assistant service at the first class level. We have encountered endless problems and succeeded in solving them efficiently, professionally and satisfactorily. Let us take care of all your arrangements or problems, so the important things in life are all you're left to deal with.

שירות עוזר אישי
Young & Determined

That's how we think outside the box to provide you with the highest quality service in a gracious manner and with a smile. The customer is our focal point and only when you are satisfied do we feel we have succeeded. Contact us and you will find an excellent team that you can trust - even to let handle your most personal things as well

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