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We handle all your tasks and to do's for you
Leaving you to enjoy the important things in life




Saves Hassle

Saves Time

Finding yourself postponing your errands to tomorrow? 
Time & time again..

Here is a glimpse of the variety of tasks
you can easily pass onto us

תיאום טכאני מתאים

 Can't find a repairman or have time to schedule with him?

קניית מתנות

You don't have a present yet for your nephew's birthday tomorrow ?

טיפולים שוטפים לרכב

Wanting someone to take care of your car treatments?

עבודה משרדית

You have an office task but don't have enough time to do it?


You have important errands, deliveries or shopping to do?

שינוי חבילה עם נציג

Want to change your TV package without waiting on the line?

שירותי נהג או הסעות

Need a personal & reliable driver
or shuttle service?

ניהול משק בית

Need to find a gardener or anything related to household maintainance?

טסים לחול ומחפשים מישהו על קרקע

Flying abroad & need someone
on the ground? 

משהו מהרגע להרגע

Need something different right now to help you relax / unwind?

מעקב/פיקוח שיפוצים

Need help with renovations
With tracking & supervising the job?

טיפול בניירת או בבירוקטיה

Looking for someone to take care of you with paperwork & beurocracy

And that's just a taste, we handle every task at your request as if you handled it yourself

We act as an extension of you. Forward us all your tasks and errands and we will get them done start to finish.


At First we work with you one-on-one at eye level, provide a quality and prompt response, and act on your behalf at your request as if we were you.
The diversity of tasks and our personal approach make the service unique and at the same time advanced and innovative

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