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Our Packages

Our packages are specifically created for customers who seek a specific and focused service

Yes, there is such a diverse and special service that suits you like a glove

                    Also suitable as a highly invested and original gift

חבילה לילדת

Maternity package

So that you can be free and available to give your full attention to the newborn
and to yourself


We will take care of the tasks and arrangements you need during this time

חבילת מעבר דירה ללא כאבי ראש

Moving Package

Our experience and availability

Your peace of mind & confidence


Our experienced staff will help you move smoothly and successfully

Birthday Package​

Have a birthday soon? Looking for an original, innovative and valuable gift?

If you are tired of the same old gifts in stores and online, take charge!

This year leave the boring and original gift behind. Think outside the box and purchase a FIRST Gift Card
First - Personal Assistant Service

חבילת הנהלת חשבונות
FIRST Wedding Package (2).png

First - For Business

The end of the month can be hectic for your business, we can help

We will arrange, file and submit your paperwork to the CPA according to your needs

Our experienced team is here to relieve your headache and restore order and organization to your business

Wedding Package

Whether you're using a wedding planner, producer or even organizing your perfect day alone, we are here to help you with everything

Because after you have chosen and invested and done, you still have to collect, coordinate, determine, return


In our package for weddings, you can take the headache off yourself and focus on the important things 

Israelis Abroad Package


Let us help you out here while you're over there

We will work for you in Israel on whatever you need comfortably & conveniently in Hebrew / English

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