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So you moved abroad..

But who will take care of you here?


We'll be your MAN ON THE GROUND

Let us help you from afar, while you are away



A package for Israelis living abroad for long periods of time - We will work for you in Israel on whatever you need comfortably & conveniently in Hebrew / English

We gathered for you the most common tasks into one luxurious package

  • Availability during Israeli working hours

  • Dealing with payments and documents

  • Bureaucracy as needed

  • Shipments abroad

  • Help with travel arrangements

  • Errands in Israel for every need

  • Help with documents / assignments / emails in English

  • Dealing with suppliers for you

  • Calls to / from Israel

  • Help with phone carrier

  • And of course, getting a little taste of home

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 16.41.00.png

Stop feeling frustrated and helpless,
We are here at your service - with hour banks of your choice

Not including VAT, operating in the center only and according to the terms and conditions

Our Guarantee 
You don't love it, you don't pay

Regarding any questions you can send us an email or WhatsApp by clicking here, or of course give us a call.

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